"Winter Whales of Norway"


Sunday 30th of December 2018
7pm (UTC+1)
(Swedish National Television)

A co-operation between Crystal Water Film Production 
and Swedish National Television.
59 min ©2018 
Music by Soundology. 

"Life against all odds" 

Trailer for "Life against all odds".
A collaboration between
Crystal Water Film Production and Swedish National Televeision (SVT).
59 min ©2016 

"Expedition Red Sea - half a century later"

A small sample of footage and music from
"Expedition Red Sea - half a century later"
A co-production with Swedish National Television.
Music by Nainita Desai and Malcolm Laws.
59 min ©2013

"Coral Gardens of Scandinavia"
A co-production with Swedish National Television (SVT) 
and with support from the Nordvision fund. 
Music by James Jones.